2009-02-27 15:45:55 by TheOnurb

MEGACON officially started today at the Orlando Conventional Center. Since I couldn't go today because of obvious reasons, I planned to go tomorrow. Little did I know that 2 (or more?) of my friends were going as well, which made me even more excited!

It's sure to be great. I'm definitely going to be hanging out at the NG booth pretty much the entire time while my friends banter and cosplay and whatnot. Speaking of cosplaying, if I actually WAS going to cosplay I'd be a Castle Crasher. Awesome.

Anyways I hope the Newgrounds turnout is going to be kickass. I'd really love to see all the other Newgroundilites that live in Florida besides Ego and Swain. I hope stuff isn't too expensive there. It's $24 at the door, but I'd really like to have enough money to buy some food and get at least one souvenir from the NG booth. I'm also going to wear my O-face shirt just for the occasion! Yeh!

One a side note, JohnnyUtah released the list of all the users who submitted a piece for the Street Fighter Collab. From what I'm hearing, this collab is going to be pretty beast. No news on the users going to be in the final cut, so my fingers are still crossed. I'd like to see the collab turn out as good as the Metal Gear Collab, hopefully better!

Eh, that's really all I have to say. I'll be making another post after I get back from MEGACON, with pictures included. w00t.